The OSIG provides Indigenous youth (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) between the ages of 13-18, residing in the province of Ontario, with the opportunity to compete at a provincial level, while developing their sport specific skills. The Games also act as an identifier for athletes who aspire to compete at the North American Indigenous Games, and a pathway leading to other national and international sport competitions.

The 2022 OSIG will take place from July 28-31, 2022 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital city and home to the Algonquin Peoples who have inhabited the lands since time immemorial.

The competition sports for the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games that will be available for participants to compete in, include:

  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Baseball
  • Wrestling
  • Badminton
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse (Box)

The participant registration fee for the 2022 OSIG is $139.00; this fee includes 3 nights of accommodations at the University of Ottawa campus residences and meals from the on-site dining hall at the University of Ottawa campus, including:

  • Dinner on arrival (July 28, 2022)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday, July 31

If you choose not to stay on campus, the participant registration fee for the 2022 OSIG is $99.00. Please note that this fee does not include accommodations or meals; you will be responsible for booking those yourself.

All participants will receive a welcome swag bag and be invited to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies, and all other events offered by the 2022 OSIG organizing committee, at no additional cost.

The deadline to register for the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games is June 3, 2022, 11:59 p.m. (EST).

All 2022 OSIG participants under the age of 18, are required to have an adult chaperone accompanying them when travelling to and from the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games (“2022 OSIG”), and during the Games themselves, at all times.

The chaperone may be a parent, guardian or any other adult, that the participants’ parent/guardian gives consent to be responsible for their child/ward. Please note that the maximum permissible ratio for youth participants to adult chaperones, is 6 to 1.

Parents/guardians will be asked to identify a chaperone for their child/ward during the participant registration process. Chaperones will be required to register and accept responsibility for the child/ward assigned to them.

You will need to include the name, contact information and relationship to the youth participant. Please note that all chaperones (including parents) are required to register separately and indicate their preference for accommodations, meals and transportation. Chaperones must stay with the youth they are assigned to (i.e., if the youth participant is staying on campus, the chaperone must stay on campus also). If a chaperone is no longer able to attend the 2022 OSIG, they are required to let the 2022 OSIG organizing committee know and to identify a new chaperone (who will have to register as well).

Please note that all chaperones (other than parents who are only acting as chaperones to their own children) are required to upload a copy of a valid Vulnerable Sector Check. Obtaining a Vulnerable Sector Check may take anywhere between 3-6 weeks, so we advise you request it as soon as possible.

Chaperones are entirely responsible for the welfare of the youth participants assigned to them. That means that chaperones must accompany youth participants at all times, during competition, on campus and for off-campus events, activities and excursions.

Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO), the host of the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games, is the designated Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sporting Body (P/TASB) for Ontario, serving Indigenous Peoples across the province. ISWO’s vision is to enhance the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples and support active and healthy Indigenous Peoples, families and communities in Ontario. Funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, and the Government of Canada, through Sport Canada, ISWO works to serve all Indigenous Peoples and communities in Ontario, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, in an equitable and fair manner.

ISWO is recognized by the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) and the North American Indigenous Games Council, and is the designated sport body for the development, selection and management of Team Ontario, which participates in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships and North American Indigenous Games. 

No, there are no qualifiers or tryouts for the Ontario Summer Indigenous Games; the Games are built on a foundation of athlete development and sport-specific training, designed to maximize participation and engagement. Unlike the North American Indigenous Games, there are no contingents, clubs or associations that anyone must compete under. Youth from across Ontario can be entered and anyone can enter a team with other youth; some youth may know each other from their community, school or existing sport team. Individuals may also be placed on teams, if they don’t have a team to play with, given there are enough individual participants to create a full-team for any given sport.

Sport and competition venues for the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games include the following:

  • Carlington Park – softball
  • Kanata Recreation Complex – baseball
  • Nepean Sportsplex – box lacrosse and swimming
  • RA Centre – badminton
  • Terry Fox Athletic Facility – athletics (track and field) and cross-country
  • University of Ottawa – hosting basketball, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling

*Please note that venues may change given scheduling conflicts or an increase in the number of participants for any given sport. Please check the venue listing on the website for the most-up-to-date information.

The 2022 OSIG Athletes Village will be located at University Square on the University of Ottawa campus. The Athlete’s village will offer food, information and vendor booths, and a stage for opening and closing ceremonies. It will serve as the primary hub for all athletes.

Pinnies will be available for competition; teams are encouraged to arrange for their own uniforms, but are not required to do so. Please refer to the Sport Technical Package for each sport, which outlines additional information regarding uniforms.

Currently, there will only be male and female competition categories for the majority of sports, with the exception of badminton and volleyball. If there is sufficient interest, co-ed categories may be added on a sport-by-sport basis.

Each sport has different requirements in terms of athletes per team. Please refer to the Sport Technical Package for more information.

The team captain registers the team and sends invites to their teammates. Teammates will then accept the invitation and register with the team.

Your team must meet the minimum requirements in the Sport Technical Package, and have completed payment for registration by June 3, 2022 to be guaranteed a team spot.

Payments will be accepted online through the 2022 OSIG registration system; a valid credit card is required.

If you are unable to get a full team together, you may register as an individual, and then placed on a team from a pool of other individual registrants. This will be dependent on the number of individual players registered for any given sport, and the number of spaces open to be filled. All individual placements will be completed by June 17, 2022. If the 2022 OSIG organizing committee is unable to place you on a team, you will be notified, and can then either change your registration to compete in an individual sport or withdraw your registration. Any athletes registered for a team sport as an individual, and who are not able to be placed on a team, will be provided a full refund of their registration fees.

Yes, your registration fee includes three (3) nights of accommodations and meals (dinner on arrival for Thursday, July 28; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday, July 31). If you opt to stay off campus, and pay only for ‘sport registration’, you can book your own accommodations with any hotel option that suits your needs and budget. Please note that for those participants staying off campus with chaperones or family, transportation to all sport venues, competitions and events, will be your own responsibility.

Yes, all participants will be asked to upload proof of their Indigenous ancestry. In Canada that includes: Status Cards, Metis Registration Numbers, and other accepted documents.

No, you are only able to participate in one sport, but you can take advantage of the other events and recreational options that the 2022 OSIG organizing committee has planned, or take some time to explore the City of Ottawa and nearby communities.

All teams will be confirmed by June 17; any teams not fully paid will be removed if payment is not received by June 17. Any individual players (stand by players) looking to be placed on a team will be placed, if possible, by June 17; any individual player not assigned to a team, will be provided a full refund or an option to choose another sport category.

The 2022 OSIG will provide full refunds to any participants (the “Cancelling Athlete”) requesting such refund in writing, until June 17, 2022. Please note that if the Cancelling Athlete is part of a team, it is the Cancelling Athlete’s team’s responsibility to fill the spot in the event no alternate players are registered and available to the team affected by Cancelling Athlete’s non-participation.

For all refund requests made in writing after June 17, 2022, the 2022 OSIG will refund 30% of the total registration fee to the Cancelling Athlete if the written request for a refund is made by June 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST. No refunds will be issued after June 30, 2022.

This policy, a common practice among multi-sport events, was created to ensure the integrity of 2022 OSIG; facility rentals, officiating assignments, schedules, volunteer placements, swag, food, and other resources will have been secured and paid for by the 2022 OSIG organizing committee by that time, and will impact the sustainability of the organization and similar future events.

Yes. The 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games (OSIG) Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m. (EST), at the University of Ottawa campus. The Opening Ceremony will be open to chaperones, coaches, athletes, family members and the public. Admission is free of charge. 

The Opening Ceremony will open with blessings by an Elder, followed by a drum song, and showcase a variety of top Indigenous artists and performers, alongside remarks from Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders.

More information about the opening ceremony and a schedule of performances will be released closer to the date.

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