All 2022 OSIG participants under the age of 18, are required to have an adult chaperone accompanying them when travelling to and from the 2022 Ontario Summer Indigenous Games (“2022 OSIG”), and for the entire duration of the Games themselves, at all times. The chaperone may be a parent, guardian or any other adult, that the participants’ parent/guardian gives consent to be responsible for their child/ward. Please note that the maximum permissible ratio for youth participants to adult chaperones, is 6 to 1.

Parents/guardians will be asked to identify a chaperone for their child/ward during the participant registration process. You will need to include the name, contact information and relationship to the youth participant. Please note that all chaperones (including parents) are required to register separately and indicate their preference for accommodations, meals and transportation. Chaperones must accept responsibility for all of the youth participants assigned to them, during the registration system. If a chaperone is no longer able to attend the 2022 OSIG, they are required to let the 2022 OSIG organizing committee know and to identify a new chaperone (who will have to register as well).

Please note that all chaperones (other than parents who are only acting as chaperones to their own children) are required to upload a copy of a valid Vulnerable Sector Check. Obtaining a Vulnerable Sector Check may take anywhere between 3-6 weeks, so we advise you request it as soon as possible.

Chaperones are entirely responsible for the welfare of the youth participants assigned to them. That means that chaperones must accompany youth participants at all times, during competition, on campus and for off-campus events, activities and excursions.

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